Puto (Steamed Rice Muffins) Recipe

This is a easy puto recipe in which the ingredients are available in supermarkets. Traditional puto is made up of rice flour (galapong). However, we can also make puto out of the ordinary all purpose flour.

To have good result, it would be better if you can have good quality branded flour. We can even make our puto looks nice by adding toppings such as cheese or slices of salted egg, or the combination of both. Puto is also perfect match to our very own Dinuguan dish.

Puto (Steamed Rice Muffins) Recipe
Recipe Ingredients: 

No. of servings: about 20 pcs

1/2 kilo sugar
1/2 kilo All Purpose Flour
50 g baking powder
¼ cup butter.
1 large egg (Beaten)
½ cup fresh milk
4 cups water

Toppings Option: Grated cheese or sliced salted egg, or the combination of both

Recipe Cooking Procedure: 

1. Sift flour, sugar and baking powder into a large bowl. Add butter and mix these ingredients thoroughly.
2. Add milk and mix. Put water 1 cup at a time. Beat slowly until the all ingredients smoothly blended.
2. Pour mixture into a puto molds to about ¾ full. (Puto molds are small plastic trays with size of: 1” high x 3” diameter).
3. Steam for about 15~20 minutes.

Recipe Cooking Tips: 

Do not put two layers of steamer pan in one setting. Water vapor may drip from the upper pan and moisten the mixture in the lower pan, otherwise you need to put cheese cloth in between layer of steaming pan to catch water drip.


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