Lumpiang Gulay (Mix Vegetables Spring Rolls) Recipe

Lumpiang Gulay is a fried mix vegetable spring roll. Vegetables like carrot, cabbage, green beans, potato, etc. is mix together as fillings. Variation can be made by adding shrimp, ground pork or beef, or tokwa (bean curd).

Lumpiang Isda (Fish Spring Roll) Recipe

Lumpiang Isda, Fish Spring Roll

Lumpiang Isda is a fish meat spring roll. Tuna or salmon fish meat is one of best choices in making fish spring. However, this kind of fish is quite expensive. One good choice is the mackerel (galunggong) fish which is abundant in Philippines.

Yang Chow Rice Recipe

Yang Chow Rice Filipino Recipe, Fried rice

Yang Chow Rice is a fried rice known to be originated in the city of YangZhou, JiangSu province of China. Filipino version may vary from the Chinese authentic recipe but there are staple ingredients like cooked rice, shrimps, spring onion, and egg.

Lumpiang Togue (Bean Sprout Spring Rolls) Recipe

Lumpiang Togue (Bean Sprout Spring Rolls) Recipe

Lumpiang Togue is a fried spring roll with mung beans sprout as the staple ingredient. Variation is made by adding other vegetables like carrot and cabbage.

Kaldereta / Caldereta Recipe

Kaldereta recipe, Caldereta Recipe

KALDERETA (or CALDERETA) is goat stew made with tomato sauce, liver sauce, onion, garlic, bell peppers and hot peppers, cheese, potatoes, and carrots. Originally goat was used for this dish but today it is very common that beef, pork, or chicken meat is being used.


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