Lechon Kawali Recipe

Lechon Kawali (it is called Bagnet in Ilocos Region) is deep fried whole pork belly. Since it is not practical to broil the whole pig, we call it “lechon” in Filipino, when you need only a slice of it, then you can deep fry a piece of pork and enjoy the crispy and delicious skin.
Lechon Kawali Recipe
Recipe Ingredients: 

1 kilo of pork belly (Note: The best part of pork belly is the portion with spare ribs, it has a good proportion of fats and lean meat)
¾ cup salt
1 table spoon whole black pepper
2~3 cups of cooking oil
Ground black pepper

Recipe Cooking Procedure: 

1. Put pork belly in casserole. If the pork is big and not enough to fit inside the casserole then you can cut in half.
2. Fill enough water to cover the pork
3. Add salt and whole black pepper.
4. Let it boil for at least 45 minutes.
5. Remove pork from casserole and drain.
6. Instead of a deep pan, I prefer to use a deep thick metal cast casserole to fry the pork. This is for me to control better the oil splatters later on once we start frying.
7. Pour cooking oil into the casserole then heat up. At least half the pork will be covered.
8. Rub the pork with salt and ground black pepper.
9. Using a tong gently put in the pork. Cover at once to prevent oil splatters to come out from the casserole.
10. When splatters cease, check the pork if it already golden brown, then flip the pork and cook the other side. Put the cover once more.
11. You will hear some splatters again popping inside the casserole.
12. The pork is almost cooked when those splatter already ceased.
13. Check the skin if it already turn golden brown and tap it with spoon if it is already hard, then the lechon kawali is done.
14. Take the pork out and chop
15. Serve with gravy, catsup or just a mixture of soy sauce, calamansi juice and chili pepper.

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